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March 4, 2017

I’ve not been buying much lately so instead of doing monthly hauls, I’m going to be doing seasonal hauls! Although this post is titled ‘Summer Haul’ it is actually only the things I’ve bought this year because I posted a Hauliday post at the end of last year which covered Christmas and the start of summer.

This first product is one I kind of regret buying. It’s Jeffree Star’s Queen Bee liquid lipstick. I regret it for two reasons, the first one is that I received a broken lipstick. The wand is broken and has wire sticking out the end. I’m really happy that I swatched it on my hand first and not straight on my face because it scratched my hand. Thankfully, I was sent a replacement so at least I can use it now without hurting myself. The second reason I regret buying it is because it does not apply well at all. It goes on really patchy and just looks not nice. I don’t know what it is about Jeffree Star’s formula lately, but it’s just not very good and I probably won’t be buying any of his products anymore.

If you follow me on twitter you will know that the bronzer I used to use (and really loved) made me break out so I’ve been searching for a new one. One that everyone is always talking about is Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer, so I got myself the mini to test it out! I really love this and I will buy the full size one when I finish the mini!

I love eBay, but recently I haven’t been buying much from there. I recently fell in love with false lashes, so I thought I’d buy myself a lash case! I got this cute case on eBay for a couple of dollars and I think it will be perfect for if I ever went away for a few days!

Eyeshadow palettes are my weakness. Especially Morphe palettes! They’re 35 colours and such a good price! The only problem is, I have 4 and I was running out of storage space so I got myself a Z-Palette! It’s basically an empty, magnetic palette that you can store your single eyeshadow pans in. I popped all my favourite shades out of my Morphe palettes, stuck the magnets that came with the Z-Palette on the back and then put them in there! I really love it! It makes doing my makeup so much easier and again, it will make travelling easier!

Lime Crime are my all time favourite liquid lipstick formula so it wasn’t a shock to me when I realised I had finished my Red Velvet lipstick! It is my favourite red, so I bought a new one! I also got Saddle, which is a reddish-brown, and I’ve wanted it for a while. I’m really happy with how Saddle looks on my skin tone, so if you’re also someone with darker skin, I would recommend this to you!

Since I’m now leaving my hair naturally curly, I’ve been on the search for a great affordable curl cream . I got the Schwarzkopf Curl Flex Creme and I’m liking so far. I have a lot of hair so I need a lot of cream, so I would have liked for the bottle to be bigger. But it was on sale, so I can’t really complain!

Lastly is the Ofra X Kim Thai Wanderlush moisturiser. I’d heard some great things about this and I’ve been having some real problems with my skin lately so I wanted to try out a new moisturiser. So far, I’m really loving it! I’ve only been using it for about a week so in a couple of weeks I’ll put up a full review with my thoughts!

I hope you enjoyed this little haul post! I feel like doing seasonal hauls is going to be better for me because I really don’t buy enough stuff to do monthly hauls anymore. If you’ve tried any of the products I mentioned let me know what you think of them in the comments!

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