I’ve been a huge Nikkie Tutorials fan for a while now so when I saw that she was collaborating with OFRA and how incredible it looked I had to get it. One of my favourite online stores, Glam Raider, is an offical OFRA stockist and had it available pretty much as soon as it was released so I bought it!

If you don’t know who Nikkie Tutorials is, she is a very popular YouTuber from the Netherlands. She makes beauty videos (tutorials, reviews, monthly favourites, ect) for her 6 million subscribers. She collaborated with Too Faced (one of my favourite brands) last year on a collection that included an eyeshadow palette. It looked incredible but the reviews were mixed, and I read that it wasn’t great on darker skin tones so I gave it a miss.

This OFRA collab is a lovely collection that comes with three liquid lipsticks and a highlight wheel (which is what I was most excited about). The highlight wheel, Everglow, comes with 3 shades so it can suit all skin tones and the shades that don’t suit you can be used as eyeshadows. I am obsessed with this highlighter and it is all I’ve been using since I got it! I have a medium skin tone so I’ve been mixing the lightest shade and the middle shade and I love how it looks on me! I’ve not used the darkest shade on my face as a highlight, but its a lovely eyeshadow. I love bronze eye looks so this was perfect for me. Everglow is extremely bright so if you’re looking for a subtle highlight this probably isn’t for you.

The three liquid lipsticks that came in the collection are so lovely! Coven (the brown) is obviously my favourite! Nude potion and Spell are too bright for me to wear them on their own, but Nude potion looks great in the middle of my lips when used with a darker colour to make an ombre lip. Spell is a really nice, unique colour that I’ve not used much because we’re coming into autumn now and it is more of a summer colour. I’ve seen people be so creative with this lipstick! Ive seen it used as an eyeliner to a blush! You can do a lot with it! Nude potion is the only matte, the other two are metallics and don’t dry down completely but they last so long

OFRA has released these as singles now, so if you want to try something you can without spending a heap to buy the whole collection! If I were to suggest anything to you, I would say get Everglow and a lipstick that you think you would suit best. If you think you would suit all the lipsticks, get the whole collection! It’s a really lovely collaboration and I would buy it again if I ran out!

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    Nude Potion looks like my kind of shade!

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    The highlighter looks gorgeous and it seems to suit a range of skin tones! x

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    This collection looks stunning! I love the look of the liquid lipsticks! It’s a shame about her collaboration with Too Faced xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


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