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March 25, 2017

I have had problem skin for years now, and it has always been really dry. I’ve been using a Sukin moisturizer for about a year now and it never really did much for my skin and it has a really bad “natural/dirt” smell which I hated. While looking online I saw the OFRA x Kim Thai moisturizer and I’d heard great things so I thought, Saúde masculina why not give it a try.

Wanderlush is for all skin types, lightweight, fragrance free and hypoallergenic. It also claimed to really moisturize your skin without being oily. I have been using it for just over a month and I have noticed a huge change in my skin.

My face was extremely dry and flaky, but now I don’t have dry skin at all! I also haven’t had any acne problems since I started using this so I am really happy about that! I am so impressed with this product, I use it morning and night and am just so happy with the results.

I know a lot of people don’t like when YouTubers collab with brands and release products. I hadn’t even watch Kim Thai’s videos when I bought this (I do now though, and I love them!). Kim seems like a really lovely person, so I didn’t mind supporting her. Plus, $2 from every sale of Wanderlush goes to a Children’s Hospital, which is a really great thing for her to do!

I paid $36 for this, and usually I would never spend that much on a moisturizer, but I have seen a noticeable difference, so I would gladly pay this much again. Sadly, this product is limited edition so if you want to try it, try it now! A couple of weeks ago Kim reposted my picture on her Instagram and said that they are working on making it permanent, so hopefully they do!
Sadly I didn’t take any before and after photos, because to be honest, I really didn’t expect such a huge difference in my skin!

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