February 22, 2017

One of my 2017 goals was to get out and about more and one of our favourite places to go walking is Fern Glade. It’s a small walking trail just outside the city and it is absolutely beautiful!

We first started coming here last year when Pokemon Go was super popular, there are 6-7 Pokestops and 3 Gyms here as well as a bunch of great Pokemon to catch. Jason and I still play it so we like to come here regularly and go on a nice walk together and catch Pokemon! Fern Glade is home to a number of platypus families, but I’ve never seen a platypus in real life before so I don’t even think they’re real! A couple of weeks ago we saw an echidna which we thought was stuck in a fallen tree, but it managed to get out on its own just fine!

Another thing I love is all the cute little flowers and plants that are along the path. I took hundreds of photos while we were there, but I didn’t want to put everything in this post, so I’ve just chosen a few favourites!

This last photo is probably my favourite photo I’ve ever taken! Ive also decided to start up a YouTube channel and I uploaded my first ever vlog on there a few days ago! It will show you a better look at Fern Glade and also a little bit of our day once we got home! I would really love it if you had a watch and maybe like and Subscribe to my channel! I really enjoy making videos so I will upload maybe once a month. I hope you enjoy it!


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