December 23, 2016

I love looking at how other people decorate their houses for Christmas so I thought why not share mine! It’s not as winter-wonderlandy as I would like, but I still love the way it looks and want to show you all!

I thought I would start off with our tree! We got a real tree for the first time ever this year and I love it! I don’t think I’ll ever have a plastic tree (as our main tree) ever again! We do have another tree in our kitchen, but it is in a bit of an awkward spot so I couldn’t get a nice picture. It is just a regular tree with coloured lights, so nothing special.

Our main tree has warm toned lights and wooden 3D deer ornaments on it! The deer ornaments are from Kmart! Last year Kmart’s Christmas decorations were not that great. A lot of them were neon which I didn’t like at all. But this year, they had so many lovely decorations! As soon as I saw these deer ornaments, I knew that was what I wanted on my tree. I bought all of the ones from my local stores and even got my mum to send me some! I ended up with 40 of them and they filled our 8ft tree quite well.

Next is our bar or sideboard, which ever you want to call it. I call it a bar because I keep all my wine glasses, shot glasses, ect on there, as well as alcohol. I absolutely love our bar, especially at Christmas because I put candy canes and chocolate coins on there! Also, it is the first time it has actually had a lot of alcohol on there! Jason and I don’t really drink, but I love the way it looks with all the bottles and the fairy lights!

Lastly, is my dried orange, pinecone and cinnamon stick bowl. I had never seen anyone do this until last year when I started watching Zoella’s vlogmas. I don’t think this is a very Australian thing, but I absolutely love it and so does my husband, so I will probably be making one of these every Christmas! It looks so lovely and makes our house smell incredible!

That is basically it! Our house is quite small so I only have a small space to work with and didn’t want to suffocate everyone with Christmas decorations. Hopefully, next year I will be able to find some Christmas bedding (sadly, that isn’t popular here like it is in the UK) so I can decorate our bedroom and Archer’s!

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