May 16, 2016

I recently discovered and while looking through all the amazing brands of makeup that they stock I instantly fell in love with Medusa’s Makeup! They have an incredible range of glitters and pigments, I had to buy some! 

I have been so obsessed with glitters lately and I’ve been trying different eye looks so I’m so happy I found this brand when I did! I think a lot of people might think they are over priced because their small pots are about $10 each but you only need to use a tiny amount so they will last for a very long time!


I bought 2 glitters, 2 eye dusts and a glitter adhesive. Green Velvet Dust, Bronze Age Dust, Jupiter Glitter (pink), Ozone Glitter (blue) and The Fix Glitter Adhesive!
Not all of their products are vegan, but all of the products I bought from them are. I don’t exclusively buy vegan makeup, but it’s always nice to. If you would like to view their ingredients list and see what products are vegan you can do that here.
They are also made in the USA so they only use quality ingredients to make sure your face is safe!

I can’t wait to buy more eye dusts, they have such an amazing range of colours!

A great thing about buying from Beserk is that they offer AfterPay which is a service that offers take home lay-by! This is basically how I buy all my makeup now.


Shop Medusa’s Makeup on Beserk

Hopefully once I figure out the best way to take photos of my makeup I can show you some of the looks I have created with these glitters and shadows. I took some photos the other day on Snapchat and posted them to my Twitter so they’re not the best quality but if you want to see you can here. I used the Ozone and Jupiter glitters!

Thank you for reading and hopefully I will start posting regularly again.

Kayla x

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