April 7, 2016

Today I decided to take a bunch of photos throughout the day to show you what I get up to! Archer had daycare so Jason and I went out so we could look at shops that we usually wouldn’t go in with a pram.

6AM – 8AM
I got up at 6am and got myself ready for the morning. Priceline were having a 40% off Cosmetics sale so I really wanted to go to that! I wore Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Foundation, the Lime Crime Venus Palette on my eyes and Jeffree Star’s Dominatrix on my lips. I also organised my desk a little and put some stuff up on my new shelf! I got it from Kmart (obviously) and I absolutely love it! I want to get another one to put next to it.
9AM – 10AM
I made Archer’s lunch and packed his bag and we left! Archer goes to ASELCC which is an autism specific daycare center in Burnie. Jason wrote all about it over on his blog if you want to have a read. He loves going to daycare! When we go there he knew where we were and when we got inside he ran off and found his favourite toy. After dropping off Archer Jason and I went to the Ulverstone Priceline (the Priceline in Burnie closed last year so this is the one closest to us.). Sadly, this is only a small store so they didn’t have a few of the brands that I wanted so we decided to go to the Devonport store too. After buying a few things Jason and I looked in a few stores in Ulverstone. They have so many nice stores there with a lot of Australian brands that I love. It was really nice to look in them because a lot of them are really small and not pram friendly.

11AM – 2PM
After driving all the way to the Devonport Priceline, we got there and they had sold out of the Australis Banana powder! I was still able to get a few things that I wanted though. We decided to go across to Glow Cosmetics and get it there. I had to pay full price but it is so worth it. We then went to my favourite store, KMART! We had to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse for our TV because it will make using Netflix, ect, so much easier. I also got a really nice print that was on clearance for $4! Archer only goes to daycare for half the day so we made our way back to Burnie to pick him up. When we got home he was so tired and had a little lay down and watched some TV.

3PM – 5PM
Here is my little haul from Priceline and Glow Cosmetics! I got the Australis Banana Powder, Australis Metallix Eyeshadow in Plum Diddy, Australis Lip Liner in Sangria, Maybelline Master Precise Eye Liner, Savvy Translucent Powder, Savvy Clear Eyebrow Gel and BYS Glitter Creme in Gold. I’m so happy with what I got! I absolutely LOVE the Australis Eyeshadows, I can’t wait to get my hands on more of them! I had a little lay down in bed and watched some Criminal Minds, then I cleaned my makeup brushes. I have a blog post coming soon with my DIY brush cleaner! It cleans my brushes and sponge so well!!

6PM – 10PM
I sat down for a little bit and planned out the next month of blog posts that I want to write. Looked at a few things on Pinterest for cake decorating ideas (I plan on blogging a cake in the next month!!). I made Archer dinner and then we got him ready for bed. Jason and I weren’t that hungry so we have some cheese and crackers/chips! I have a few spots at the moment so I decided to do a little face mask and we watched The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1! I have wanted to watch the Hunger Games series for a while now, but I wanted to wait until they had all been released before I watched them. I am so into these movies now! I can’t wait to watch Part 2 tonight!

So that was my day! I had a really lovely day out with Jason! We don’t get to go out together much so looking around in shops together is really nice! If you went to the Priceline sale, what did you pick up?

Kayla x

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