September 5, 2015

This winter was really great! I got to see my mum and my sister and we got to go to the snow twice! I don’t know if I will ever get used to how cold snow is, but I will always love it.

We first went in July with my mum. This was Archer’s first time seeing snow. He was okay, but was pretty keen to leave and take off his mittens. He looked so adorable in his little coat and welly boots!

Jason & Archer


Our second trip was with my sister a few weeks ago. As we were driving there I didn’t expect for us to see any snow at all because it was really sunny but there was so much. We stopped in at Waratah so Jason could have a break driving and we could change Archer. My sister’s dog, Sampson, really like it and looked super cute in the coat my sister bought for him. After a snowball fight and slipping in the snow we went to Cradle Mountain and ran around for a while. Archer wasn’t in a great mood this trip and didn’t want to be in the snow.



Robbeka and Sampson

Robbeka and Me


I can’t wait for next winter. Hopefully Archer will be in a better mood next time we go and keep his mittens on so he can enjoy himself.

Kayla x


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