Oh boy guys, I have wanted to try these Shake & Shot masks for so long. I saw RawBeautyKristi try these masks in February and fell in love with the weirdly cute packaging. I have been trying to find them for what feels like years and I finally found them on Nudie Glow.

I bought two of these masks. I got the Hydro Shot and the Luminous Shot. I have been so excited to try these! They’ve been sitting in my bathroom for a couple of weeks now and I finally decided to try them out and I chose the Hydro Shot first because my skin hasn’t been great lately because I’ve been sick.

Sadly, I made a huge mistake. I added the second packet (which is a watery liquid) into the cup first and then I started adding the first packet (which is a cream) in. As I was adding the cream in, my hand slipped and the whole cup fell and it went all over my bathroom floor. I was so damn mad because these masks are $15 each! The whole time I was getting this mask ready I was thinking in my head “I know I’m going to spill this, be careful, don’t slip”.
If you try these masks and are clumsy like me, either get someone to hold the cup (like I did when I tried my second mask) or put the first packet in first because it’s a cream and if you drop it, it shouldn’t spill everywhere.

So I got my second one out and got it ready and mixed it. I was really surprised at how fast it mixed together. I only had to shake it a couple of times before it was fully mixed.
I desperately didn’t want to link this mask because I was so mad that I dropped the first one but I really, really liked it and will definitely be buying more.

It really made my skin look and feel incredible. And it was really fun to use. Shaking it up and applying it with a little tool (it comes with a little paddle, which is a huge plus). Once it dries, it sets as a rubber mask and you can peel it off .
Peel of masks are usually super painful for me because I have nerve damage from when I had my wisdom teeth removed, but this one came off super easy and didn’t hurt at all.


I could not stop touching my face after I took this mask off. It really felt so nice and I truly loved this mask.
I can’t wait to try all the other Shake & Shot masks soon. Hopefully I don’t destroy any more of them.

Let me know if you’ve tried one of their weird and wonderful masks and what you thought. Do you think that mixing up your own mask is annoying because masks are for relaxing and pampering, or do you think it’s a fun little bonus? I personally enjoyed mixing up the mask (when I did it right).


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    Sonam - Kind Culture


    I love the concept behind the shake & shot masks! I’m guessing they last longer than most face masks?

    And your skin is just glowing in the second picure – amazing ✨

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      Kayla Arnold


      You only get one use per cup which kinda sucks but it made my skin feel so good so I can’t be mad! Thanks hun! x

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    This looks so much fun! Your skin is glowing!

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      Kayla Arnold


      Thank you! x

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    ok the packaging of these masks are absolutely amazing!!

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      Kayla Arnold


      Aren’t they just so fun?!


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